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LIKE US - short film

A lonely woman who takes care of her paralyzed husband saves an alien who cannot experience emotions. As she tries to teach it what it’s like to be human, she discovers that feelings can be misleading.


BOUND - short film

Leaving his ancestral home, Mantas confronts his childhood trauma in an attempt to cope with his own mortality.

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DISCOVERY - short film

A father-daughter fishing trip leads to an unexpected discovery.


BURIED - short film (post-production)

In the world destroyed by nuclear war, only Katya and her brothers manage to survive in an abandoned bunker. 

It all changes when a new survivor breaks in from above.

Now Katya has to find out what really happened to the world and what secrets of her own past the bunker hides.


SILVER - short film

19th century US is ravaged with despair as the Civil War advances. Esther Green, an acknowledged medium, and her daughter, Hannah, battle to keep the faith in the world of anguish . It all changes when Hannah decides to leave her mother and volunteer.

But how can you give hope to others if you're stripped of it yourself?


REMEMBER US - short film

 Winston Myers, a former royalist, lives under constant surveillance from the agents of revolution. When Winston's friend, Richard tries to persuade him to give up his daughter, Winston is forced to fight back. 

If the memories go, what will be left of us?

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